Sexual pleasure : Why choose strapless strap-on dildos ?

Strapless strap-on dildos are increasingly popular sex toys that allow couples to explore their intimacy in a unique and exciting way. This article takes you into the world of strapless strap-on dildos and examines why more and more people are opting for these toys to spice up their sex lives. The advantages of strapless strap-on dildos One of the most obvious benefits of strapless strap-on dildos is the freedom of movement they offer. Unlike traditional strap-on dildos that require harnesses, t... See more

Why choose a camgirl over a porn video ?

These days, there are more and more choices when it comes to adult entertainment, and camgirls are one of them. Whereas porn videos are static, opting for a camgirl offers an interactive and personalised experience. Viewers can interact live with a camgirl model, fulfil their fantasies and experience unique moments. This virtual intimacy and control over content makes it an attractive alternative. Find out why you should choose a camgirl in this content. Real-time interaction Choosing the servic... See more

PornStar Harem : exciting, captivating and very sexual free game

Do you happen to fantasize about porn actresses and want to do them yourself ? Or do you want to become the biggest porn actor fucking beautiful and sexy adult movie stars ? Today there are ass games that offer you a captivating adventure and a more exciting interaction with pornstars. It is with this in mind that the Kinkoid studio is offering its new PornStar Harem porn game in 2022, playable without a credit card. Do you want to have more realism with your super sexy pornstars without the fus... See more

Three good sexual positions to enjoy with a vibrator

To get out of the monotony during sex, it is sometimes clever to use gadgets. Why not use a vibrator? It is an excellent object that will bring more spice during the act. Which position to adopt with your partner for more sensations?  The x-factor sexual position This is a very special position in itself. To perform it, the two partners must lie on their sides and face each other. Then, they must intertwine their leg and slightly send their bust backward to form an x. This position facilitates p... See more

Swallowing semen: everything you need to know about oral ejaculation

During sexual intercourse, penetration can be vaginal, anal or oral. It is therefore possible that semen, the viscous liquid expelled from the penis during ejaculation, can end up in the mouth. Can it be swallowed? If it were swallowed, could we enjoy its taste? And what would be its effects on health? Can sperm be swallowed? The man just before the orgasm ejaculates in the mouth of his partner before this last one (era) swallows it: we speak about oral ejaculation no matter if it is following a... See more

How to use a vibrator ?

Many companies do not hesitate to praise the merits of vibrators. There are different types with various features. However, having a tool in hand does not guarantee a better use. How to use a vibrator for intense orgasms?  Take care to explore all parts of your body The clitoris is a highly developed organ that is both sensitive and rich in innervation. Stimulating this erogenous organ with a vibrator is not limited to just the immersed surface of the glans. Performing a deep massage gives more... See more

How to make a success of  fellatio?

Fellatio is an art that all women must master because men love it. Unfortunately very few women manage to give pleasure to their partner by this sexual practice. How to make a success of a fellatio?  Prepare yourself well  To make a success of a good blowjob, it is important to prepare well beforehand. And this preparation concerns much more the man. Indeed, it will be difficult to take pleasure in getting a good blowjob to a partner so intimate hygiene leaves a desire.  Before all, the woman mu... See more

How to choose your vibrator ?

The vibrator is part of the category of sex toys that offer powerful orgasms. There is a plethora of them on the market and making a choice becomes a real headache. What are the criteria to take into account to make a wise choice?  Take into account your desires The sex toy market is particularly booming and a wide range of products is offered. Each type of vibrator has its specificity. It is advisable to master its role before buying it. There are many websites to learn about the features of th... See more